Gnuplot instantly.

Use the professional open-source software gnuplot online, right in your browser to create stunning plots! Just copy & paste your data in the "Data" area or push a file to your browser. Nothing is uploaded, everything happens in your browser.

Besides a little scripting knowledge of the gnuplot scripting language, you need to know about the virtual file system VFS. This is just a representation of files available to gnuplot and files it eventually creates. You can access them on the right side in the VFS listing.

Check out the demos!


Everything you put in here is available to gnuplot as data.txt file. Every change you make in this editor is automatically pushed to the VFS and gnuplot is invoked with the current script.

Plot script

This is the gnuplot script for gnuplot. Every change triggers a re-plot.

Only the svg terminal works for now. Ps terminals might work, but cannot be displayed (you have to download the generated file from VFS). Png is not included yet!

Gnuplot says



Any image that gnuplot creates and your browser is able to display goes here. Other output types appear only in the VFS panel.

Rasterized (PNG) version

Right-click - Save as... or copy, to include in your document. Does not work on IE.